Suncoast Social Dancers:
(established 1998)

Suncoast Social Dancers (SSD) was set-up with the aim of providing a low-cost, friendly, and welcoming environment to allow everyone, regardless of age and dance experience, to enjoy the many benefits that are associated with dancing.

From the outset, SSD dances have been run on a not-for-profit basis with all monies, over and above operating costs, being donated to support local Community Groups. Assistance has also been given to the larger Community on both a State and National level.

All of our dances are relaxed, non-competitive, with the emphasis being on enjoyment.

We dance all genres from Waltz and Foxtrot through to Jive and Quickstep, and everything in-between.

Good programs with plenty of variety, vibrant music, good floors, and, above all, smiling faces.

Come and give it a go!!
Dedicated Dance Workshop:
(established 2010)

Dedicated Dance Workshop (DDW) was established in 2010 with the aim of providing a low-key, relaxed environment in which anyone who wished could learn new skills, learn new dances, or practice already known dances.

DDW is, in essence, the "teaching" arm of Suncoast Social Dancers with most, but not all, dances that are done on the DDW program being included in the SSD 'social' dance programs.

Dances are run at a venue where we have two adjoining halls which allows us to have two dances, perhaps with varying degrees of difficulty, running at the same time to the same music.

All proceeds are donated to local charities.

Our aim is to enhance the enjoyment of dancing!

You are most welcome to come along!!