Shadow Line starting with same foot


Heel, Toe, twice ; (QQQQ)

Fwd, Lock, Fwd ; (QQS)

Heel, Toe, twice ; (QQQQ)

Fwd, Lock, Fwd ; (QQS)


Fwd (DW swivel to DC) , point back ; (SS)

Fwd (DC), Close, Fwd (swivel to DW) ; (QQS)††† *

Point back, Fwd (DW), Close ;(SQQ)†††††††††††††††† *

Fwd, Stamp (lady transitions with a touch) ; (SS)


Chasse away, Chasse tog to semi closed ;; (QQS QQS)

Step, Point, twice :: (SSSS)


2 Rotary Chasses to semi open ;; (QQS QQS)

Chasse away ; (QQS)

Chasse tog to shadow line (man brushes, lady transitions with a close) ; (QQQQ)


*Seanís version does a fwd/lock/fwd



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