Semi Closed position LOD


Turn away, tch, Fwd turn (line), tch ; (SS)

(apart) Side, Cl, Side, Cl ; (QQQQ)

Roll 4 to semi closed ; (QQQQ)

(CP)Walk 2, tch (SQQ)


Turn away, Lunge fwd ; (SS)

Rec, Side, Tch : (SS)

(apart) Side, Cl, Side ; (QQS)

(tog) Side, Cl, Side, tch ; (QQS)


(CP)Walk 2 (twist to face), Tch ; (SQQ)

Contra check, Rec, Tch ; (SQQ)

Walk 2 (twist to face), Tch ; (SQQ)

Open RevTurn (lady swivel) to semi line ; (QQS)


Pick-up, Tch, (SS)

Telemark to Oversway (wall) ; (QQS)

Hip Rock, Fwd (to wall) ; (SS)

Behind, Fwd, Tch ; (QQS)


NB In Tango, Closed & Touch is slightly ‘back’







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