Shadow hold  LOD


Fwd 2 (flex knee) ; (SS)

Back, Back (slight turn right) ; (SS)

*Fwd, Cl, Fwd (slight left lead, flex knee) ; (QQS)

Sd, Cl, Sd (Lady trans pivot R in 2) to semi ; (QQS)


Tango Prom to CP DW ; (SQQ)

Fwd, Lunge DW : (SS)

Back, Close, Back DW ; (QQS)

Side, Close, Side, Pt ; (QQQQ)


Walk 2 ; (SS)

Roll 3 & Close to CP semi ; (QQQQ)

Tango Prom to CP DW ; (SQQ)

Contra Check & Rec ; (SS)


*Back, Close, Back DW ; (QQS)

*Fwd, Close, Fwd & Cl to semi ( lady trans in 3) ; (QQQQ)

Hold 2, Fwd ( lady roll out in 2, R lunge)  ; (QQS)

Side, Close, Side, Close to Shad LOD ; (QQQQ)



NB In Tango, Closed & Touch is slightly ‘back’

**DVDs varies to Side, Close, Side at stars






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