Open position LOD

Inside hand hold, Starting with outside foot,


Slow Forward waltz and Swing ;;

Slow Backward waltz (to face) and point down line ;;

Solo Turn ;;


(to line) Canter (exaggerated) ;

Side and Touch (small) ;

(to reverse) Canter (exaggerated) ;

Side and Touch to Open (small) ; {Inside arms locked at elbow}


Sway out {Arms extended} ;

Lady under to face reverse (in tandem) ;

Sway out {Arms extended} (facing reverse) ;

Lady under to face line (in tandem) ;

Sway out {Arms extended} ;


Waltz together {both hands joined} ;

Step Kick, twice ;;

Waltz together ;

Lunge through back to back and sway forwards {slightly leaning forwards, arm sweeps forwards} ;

Sway to reverse (recover){slightly leaning backwards, arm sweeps backwards} ;


Waltz together ;

Step Kick, twice ;;

Underarm Turn and swing to line ;;

Reverse Underarm Turn and pick-up ;;

Viennese Turn,  twice (ending in Open LOD) ;;;;


(Dancesport states these as Viennese Turns)


Repeat to end of music.