Shad DW manís R Hand on Ladyís L shoulder



Botofogo to right 1&2

†† [Cross Hover]

Travelling Volta face wall (Ext arms) 3&4

††††† [Crab walks in 3]

Samba Whisks Left and Right 1&2 3&4


Side, Close 1 2

Chasse left 3&4

Botofogo to left 1&2

Botofogo to right (LadyL Spot Volta) to Handshake 3&4


Kick Ball change 1&2

Point fwd, Point Back 3&4

Right circling Travelling Volta in 7 1&2& 3&4

[lady turns towards man under right arm collect LH around to open shad line on manís left]


(left foot) Walk 2, Fwd/Lk/Fwd 1 2 3&4

Sliding Door (man botofogo, lady Chasse) 1&2

Point across, Point side 3&4




Continue until end of music