*Closed Position to Wall (floor does lead hand start)


Alemana to CP ;; (QQS QQS)

*Shoulder to Shoulder in CP, 3 times to Semi Bfly ;;; (QQS QQS QQS) (script says closed hold)


Fenceline ; (QQS)

Rev Spot Turn to handshake ; (QQS)

Curving back 3 to Face RLOD (lady follows) ; (QQS)

Rock 3 ; (QQS)


Curving Fwd 3 to face wall ; (QQS)

Cucarachas, Twice ;; (QQS QQS)


Side, Close, Turn to shadow line (*mans LH on wrist, RH on back) ; (QQS)

*Walk 3 (Script says back basic) ; (QQS)

Walk 3 ; (QQS)

Spot Turn ; (QQS)



LATown starts in CP. Shoulder to shoulder in Bfly instead of CP. Semi Shad instead of open. Walk 6 instead of back basic, walk 3.



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