†††††††††††††† ††††††† RUMBA FOREVER


RH to RH Hold facing Wall (handshake)



ĹBasic, [lady turns L to shadow wall], man trans in 2 ;

Cucaracha left (manís hands on ladyís waist) ;

Cucaracha right, (man transitions) both turn to line ;

Walk 3 (to line) ;


Walk 3 [lady solo turn, no hands] ;

Fenceline (with trail hands stretched) ;

Fenceline [lady rev underarm] ;

Back Basic Turn face LOD, [lady umbrella turn R] ;

(manís right hand turned out on back of lady)


Back Walk 3, [lady turn to line on last step] ;

Aida ; Rock 3 ; Spot Turn inwards (overturn to face) ;


In closed position

ĹBasic to a Natural Top

(man hooks foot, lady wheels in 3) ;;

2 Cuddles (opening out)

Man cucarachas facing wall ;;