Lead Hand Hold facing Wall (SSQQS)




Fwd Basic [advanced open hip twist] ;

Fan to left open LOD ;

Lunge Away, Rec, Sliding Door {man transition in 2};

      Man shadow hold right hand on lady’s shoulder


Lunge (to DW), Rec, Side-Cha ;

Lunge (to DC), Rec, Side-Cha ;

Back Basic ;

Step (swivel), Touch, Side-Cha (DLW) ;

Vine 4, [lady RF turn in 2 & chasse to line] ;


Lunge Away, Rec, Sliding Door, twice ;;

Turn In & Back Lock Cha (to face wall) ;

Side, Close, Side-Cha along line to semi ;


Step (swivel), Touch, Flick out, Rock 3, Cha to rev ;;

New Yorker ;

Spot Turn ;









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