Loose Closed Position facing Wall


Fwd and Back Basic ;; (QQS QQS)

New Yorker to rev to bfly ; (QQS)

Crab Walks to line ; (QQS )


Side Walk (to loose CP semi) ; (QQS)

Thru, Close, Back to face ; (QQS)

Side Walk , Stamp ; (QQQQ)

Side Walk (to rev), Close to line ; (QQQQ)


Pt, pt, flick to face (no weight change) ; (QQS)

(to rev) Side, Close, Side, Flick Fwd ; (QQQQ)

Bck to Bck (out,sd, cl), Face to Face (in,sd,cl) ;; (SQQ SQQ)


Basketball turn in 4 ;; (SSSS)

Shoulder to Shoulder twice with arm lock ;; (QQS QQS)







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