Closed Positon, LOD




Fwd 2, *Side, Close, Fwd ;; (SSQQS)

Fwd 2, *Side, Close, Fwd ;; (SSQQS

Check Fwd (DW), Rec, Bk/Lk/Bk ;; (SSQQS)

Check Bk, Rec, Fwd/Lk/Fwd (lady turn to semi) ;; (SSQQS)


Fwd, Point Fwd, Twice ;; (SSSS)

Roll 3 to line and **clap or shimmy ;; (SSSS)


Roll 3 to reverse and point (CP) ;; (SSSS)

2 Rotary Chasses ;; (QQS, QQS)


*Floor does Chasse across from right to left

** this is also an affectation


Continue until end of music