Closed position DC LOD


Rev Chasse Turns ;; (SQQ) (SQQ)

(m cross in front, l cross behind)

Walk 2 ; (SS)

Fwd/Lk/Fwd to [DW] ; (QQS)


Check Fwd, Rec ; (SS)

Back Box to line ; (SQQ)

Slow Open Rev Turn [DRC] (lady heel turn) ;, (SSS)

Bk/Lock/Bk ; (QQS)


Back 3 step (lady cross from (his) right to left) ; (SQQ)

Check back, Fwd Box turning to [DRW] ;, (SSQQ)

Back, Side Chasse to [DW] ;, (SQQS)


Nat turn ; (SQQ)

Slow Spin Turn ;, (SSS)

Back Box (M heel pull) [DC] ; (SQQ)




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