Hand Shake Facing wall


Full Basic ;; (QQS QQS)

New Yorker (with shoulder touches) ; (QQS)

Aida (with shoulder touches) ; (QQS )


Turn out 2 to line and touch ; (QQS )

Cucaracha Out ; (QQS)

Pt, pt, flick to face (no weight change) Bfly ; (QQS)

Side, Close, Side to reverse ; (QQS)


Sand Steps, Twice ;; (QQS QQS )

Side, Close, Side to line ; (QQS)

Spot Turn ; (QQS)


Basic (lady advanced open hip twist) ; (QQS)

Bk turning Basic to line (lady Fan) ; (QQS)

Run 3 LOD (lady backs) ; (QQS)

Bk, Close, Side to wall (Lady rev u/arm turn) ; (QQS)





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