Closed position LOD


Fwd 2 curving to DC : (SS)  Open Rev Turn ;  (QQS)

Around to semi, Chair ; (QQS)  Back Hitch in 4 ; (QQQQ)


X-line (look away), touch ; (SS)

Back Hitch 3 ; (QQS)

Manuv, Back 2 checking DRW ; (QQS)

Fwd (diag), Lock, Tap (out) ; (QQS)


Open Rev Turn & Close to semi DW (lady swivel) ; (QQQQ)

Fwd (LOD), Fwd (LOD), Fwd (DW) turning to wall ; (SQQ)

Fallaway 2 to centre, Close (SQQ)

Fwd (DW) Manuv, Back (twist to DC) ; (SQQ)


Fwd 2 curving to RLOD, Fallaway to centre ; (SQQ)

Fallaway, Slip to CP, Fwd to DW ; (SQQ)

Chasse out DRW, Lock to semi (whisk) ; (Q&QS)

Thru , Side (lady pick-up) , Close ; (QQS)


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