Upper Shadow Line starting with left foot


Fwd 2 ; (SS)

Fwd (to DC),Sd, Bk, brush

(lady Rev u/turn trail hand) ; (QQS)

Fwd 2 ; (SS)

Fwd (to DW),Sd, Bk, brush

(lady u/turn lead hand) ; (QQS)


Fwd swivel (DC), Fwd swivel (DW) ; (SS)

Fwd Hitch in 4 to semi CP (lady trans,Tch) ; (QQQQ)

Fwd 2 ; (SS)

Run 3 & close to semi (lady R U/arm 4) ; (QQQQ)


Fwd, Fwd Swivel to rev ; (SS)

Thru, Side turn to bjo DW (lady fwd no turn), Outside swivel ; (QQS)

Fwd (lady swivel to rev), Bck (lady swivel to line) ; (SS)

Fwd, Bck, Fwd, Tap (rock ); (QQS)


Fwd, Manoeuvre, Pivot 3 & Close to semi ;; (SS QQQQ)

Basketball in 2 ; (SS)

Aida & close (lady trans with Tch) ; (QQQQ)



Continue until end of music