Closed position Wall



Fwd & Bk Basic 1&2 3&4

†† [Fwd, close, close, Back, close, close]

Samba Whisks to shad DW (lady Rev u/arm in 2, manís hand on ladyís Shoulder) 1&2 3&4

†† [Side, Behind, Rec]

Botofogos 1&2 3&4

†† [Cross Hovers]

Solo Reverse Turn to wall both Turn Left 1&2 3&4

†† [Solo Viennese Turns]

Cucaracha (lady Botofogo) to bfly 1&2


Contra Botofogos to semi bfly (lady trans Pt fwd, Pt bk) 3&4 1&2

†† [Cross Hovers with same foot]

Modified Samba Side Walk (hold lead hand) 3&4

†† [Fwd, closed knee Side, Slide]

Shadow Botofogo 1&2

†† [Cross hover sliding door u/arm left arm]

Criss Cross Volta Ĺ to semi wall 3&4

†† [Cross, side, cross; lady u/arm, side, cross]

Samba Whisks to Closed Wall 1&2 3&4

†† [lady rev u/arm LF over RF]



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