Closed position DW LOD



Charleston, twice ;; (SS SS)

Fwd, Turn right & Left chasse

[S/car Rev DW] ; (SS QQS)


Bk, Pt ; (SS)

Bk Swivel, Pt [bjo DW] ; (SS)

Fwd, Fwd/Lk/Fwd/Lk, Fwd ;; (SQQ QQS)


Full Nat Turn [DC] ;; (SQQ SQQ)

Side [lady in centre] , Check Fwd to [S/car] ; (SS)

Rec, Side, Close ; (SQQ)


Side, Check Fwd facing [Bjo Rev] ; (SS)

Bk, Bk/Lk/Bk, Bk ;; (SQQ SS)

Bk turning Box [DW] ; (SQQ)




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